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The best features of the portable mechanical keyboard you need to know

Smart users of the personal computer worldwide nowadays like to explore the most modern computer parts and accessories in all categories. They are keen to compare top brands of computer keyboards in the mechanical genre and use one of these keyboards.  They have decided to own the mechanical keyboard and realize wishes on the efficient use of such keyboard.

An outstanding mechanical keyboard 

As a keyboard enthusiast, you have to concentrate on extraordinary yet inexpensive mechanical keyboards available on the market. You can listen to the overall specifications of the portable mechanical keyboard one after another and become skilled at advanced aspects of such keyboards. You will get an immediate assistance and fulfil desires about the convenient method to buy a brand new mechanical keyboard within the budget.

There is a complete switch beneath every mechanical keyboard. Every switch in the mechanical keyboard is made of a stem, a spring and a base. The three variants of the switches in mechanical keyboards are as follows.

  • Tactile with an audible click
  • Tactical with a non-audible bump
  • Linear with consistent resistance

The overall amount of pressure required by every key depends on the spring’s resistance.  Some of the most common switch types are silent, clicky, smooth, bump and resistant.  All users of the portable mechanical keyboard these days get an array of advantages. They confidently suggest this mechanical keyboard with the portable nature to their kith and kin. This is mainly because the following reasons.

  • Long lifespan
  • No wear out
  • Enhanced typing experience
  • High stability

The Vortex Core

The Vortex Core is the best mechanical keyboard on the market. Listeners to the overall layout, aesthetics and features of this keyboard can find out the real value of this keyboard. This keyboard is 40% hardware programmable nature with 47 dedicated keys in the layout ANSI.  The overall length and depth of this mechanical keyboard are 9.7 inches and 3 inches. This mechanical keyboard weight is 14.3 ounces. The programmable split spacebars support every user to use it as a spacebar, reprogram one and leave another and reprogram both based on requirements every time.

Three function layers in the core of this mechanical keyboard are as follows.

  • The Fn layer
  • The Fn1 layer
  • A layer without the label

Elements in the Fn layer of this mechanical keyboard are end, home, reset, insert, print screen, caps lock, scroll lock, pause, page down and page up, timing delays for macro programming, few media keys and arrow key cluster. The Fn1 layer in this keyboard includes F1 to F12 keys, back slash, brackets, forward slash and number keys. The third layer is a layer without the label and accessible through Shift + Fn1.

There are 3 programmable layers known by L1, L2 and L3. These layers can be accessible on time. You can recognize what layer is selected currently by a LED light under the left spacebar.  The colors for these layers are Blue for L3, Green for L2 and Red for L1.